5 Elements – Qigong Meditation

The Five Element Theory is an ancient understanding of the natural world. It is expressed and experienced through the consistent movement and transformation of our environment, with the elements being interrelated and influencing each other. We as human beings are also an integral part of this system. This theory, together with Yin and Yang, are the main methods used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoism to help explain our connection to and relationship with our environment and the universe.

Organ Heart Spleen Lungs Kidneys Liver
Season Summer Late summer Autumn Winter Spring
Emotion Joy/excitement Worry Grief Fear Anger
Colour Red Yellow White Deep blue Green

This meditation focuses on the five solid (Yin) organs of the body and their corresponding element –­ Heart (Fire), Spleen (Earth), Lungs (Metal), Kidneys (Water) and Liver (Wood). These organs function a bit like batteries and when we bring our awareness and energy to them, they help our Qi flow smoothly and bring harmony to mind, body and spirit. The Qi from these organs then supplies the flowing (Yang) organs –­ Small Intestine (Fire), Stomach (Earth), Large Intestine (Metal), Urinary Bladder (Water) and Gall Bladder (Wood).

This meditation follows the progressive order of the Five Elements. The way to remember is to follow the natural order of nature, starting with the Heart relating to Summer, followed by the Spleen (late Summer), Lungs (Autumn), Kidneys (Winter) and Liver (Spring).

The Five Element Qigong Meditation follows this cycle three times. The first cycle is to become aware of the organ by sending our appreciation and gratitude, acknowledging the organ for the work that it does, and to consciously allow a coloured cloud to envelope the organ, dissolving the excess emotion. After clearing the stale energy, the next cycle energizes the organ with our love and appreciation to become a precious stone, allowing the light from the universe to shine on the organ. The third cycle helps spread the Qi through the whole body with our love and smile, allowing all the organs to smile with the radiance of the universe.

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