Qigong Meditation – Return to Nothingness – Simon Blow QigongSimon Blow Qigong

Most healing traditions have a style of lying down meditation and their basic principles are similar.

When we enter into a realised state, or the state of nothingness, in deep meditation, the Qi flows smoothly through the body as if we are tuning ourselves in to harmonise with the universe. In this state significant healing can occur.

If we consciously practice while we are lying in bed for about ten minutes before sleep, the Qi will continue to flow while we sleep.

Also, when awaking in the morning, we can return to the nothingness for a few minutes before getting up, allowing the Qi to continue flowing. Qigong meditation is also known as Nei Gong, translating to internal work or skill.

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About Simon Blow Qigong

Since 1992 Simon has been working full-time with the Life Force energy to increase health and longevity and to help inspire people. He offers a range of classes, talks, workshops and retreats as well as leading study tours to China aimed at giving people the opportunity of cultivating their internal energies. From his vast experience Simon has become a notable author about the Chinese healing arts as well as a producer of DVDs and meditation CDs.
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