Qigong Absorbing the Essence – Simon Blow QigongSimon Blow Qigong

Qigong Absorbing the Essence

The concept of Qi energy has been an integral component of Eastern philosophy, art and medicine for thousands of years. However, there is no single accepted definition of Qi.

Some people think that Qi is an electric energy, while others believe it is magnetic energy, or heat energy.

Scientists have long been interested in measuring Qi but it cannot yet be measured by any medical science or explained via physics.

However, there is a lot of science behind Qigong – more so than any other form of Energy Medicine.


About Simon Blow Qigong

Since 1992 Simon has been working full-time with the Life Force energy to increase health and longevity and to help inspire people. He offers a range of classes, talks, workshops and retreats as well as leading study tours to China aimed at giving people the opportunity of cultivating their internal energies. From his vast experience Simon has become a notable author about the Chinese healing arts as well as a producer of DVDs and meditation CDs.
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