Qigong – A catalyst to change – Simon Blow QigongSimon Blow Qigong

Working within a Drug Rehabilitation Program

The problem of addiction is a huge one causing breakdown of family and community structure, disruption to work, crime and civil disorder. Research suggests causes lie in childhood abuse, parental alcoholism and neglect, resulting in a downward spiral of low self-esteem, powerlessness, violence and self-harm. Addicts are therefore often individuals in a state of extreme imbalance, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. When they decide to address their substance abuse, changing themselves, their attitudes and habits, is a struggle.

The ancient practice of Qigong has long been known in China and increasingly in the west as a means of increasing health and well-being. Since 1992 Qigong Master Simon Blow has been leading classes in Ba Duan Jin Standing Form Qigong in several drug rehabilitation groups in Sydney, Australia. The practice of Qigong as taught by Simon Blow utilises the elements of self-healing and balance – Read mo


About Simon Blow Qigong

Since 1992 Simon has been working full-time with the Life Force energy to increase health and longevity and to help inspire people. He offers a range of classes, talks, workshops and retreats as well as leading study tours to China aimed at giving people the opportunity of cultivating their internal energies. From his vast experience Simon has become a notable author about the Chinese healing arts as well as a producer of DVDs and meditation CDs.
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