Simon Blow Qigong – Testimonial from Students – YouTube

Simon Blow Qigong – Testimonial from students and Grand Master Chen Chuan Gang.
Qigong has helped me to manage my thoughts, relax my body and think positively about the future.
Attending Qigong classes at the Lifehouse has been a wonderful addition to my recovery toolbox. I also practise most mornings at home by following Simons DVD


Battling against cancer along with the accompanying anxiety and sleeplessness has been harrowing, to say the least.

Attending occasional classes, reading Simon’s books and practicing at home with Simon’s DVDs, I gradually came to understand how Qigong has many
health supporting benefits. Now with the treatment phase behind me, I have incorporated Qigong practice into my regular routine to support ongoing self healing.
My heart is smiling!

Simon is patient and professional and has given our clients the opportunity to develop and maintain skills that enhance their self-esteem and confidence.
Robin Meres


About Simon Blow Qigong

Since 1992 Simon has been working full-time with the Life Force energy to increase health and longevity and to help inspire people. He offers a range of classes, talks, workshops and retreats as well as leading study tours to China aimed at giving people the opportunity of cultivating their internal energies. From his vast experience Simon has become a notable author about the Chinese healing arts as well as a producer of DVDs and meditation CDs.
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