Simon-Blow-Qigong-3Simon Blow has been a professional Qigong teacher (Laoshi) since 1992, he has had the great fortune to travel to China on many occasions. Studying Qigong, touring the sacred mountains, attending international conferences and experiencing the rich culture of the Chinese people.


Simon leads regular Qigong classes in Sydney, Australia for beginning and continuing students, workshops, Qigong and meditation retreats, Qigong tours to China for students and advanced training. He is the author of numerous Books, DVDs and Meditation CDs about this ancient healing art. He has been working for over thirty years to help spread the benefits of meditation, peace and love. Simon works with many different groups helping them to develop self healing skills to manage their stress levels and improve their quality of life.


Simon has been initiated into Dragon Gate Daoism and been given the name Xin Si, meaning Genuine Wisdom and is an initiated student and 29th Generation of Dayan – Wild Goose Qigong. He is also a Standing Council Member and Deputy Secretary of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Beijing.